Transportation Service Guide


   Searching online ticket.

   Selecting ticket which you prefer.

   Monitoring details and the ticket completely.

   Checking travel itinerary, reserving a seat and filling in passenger information thoroughly.

   Choose Your Payment Method (Credit Card/Debit Card/Paypal/Alipay)

   Reservation completed! Have a good trip.


6 perfect steps to book online ticket on AOT website.


  Searching online ticket.

- Select the destination, travel date and a number of passengers. 

- Click “Find Ticket” button to plan your transportation. (Van, Train, Bus, Taxi or Flight) 

  Selecting ticket which you prefer.

- Selected date and vehicle will be displayed (Van, Train, Bus, Taxi or Flight) to your destination. 

- Select date and transportation that you want and click “Buy Ticket” button.

  Monitoring details and the ticket completely.

- After click “Buy Ticket” button, thank you page will be displayed. Additionally, there are some accommodations and attractions around your destination to facilitate you trip perfectly.

- In case of multi-travel, the passengers can click “Continue Shopping” button to buy more ticket then pay all fees in one time.

- If you finish your booking, you are able to click “Checkout” button for payment process.



Checking travel itinerary, reserving a seat and filling in passenger information thoroughly.

- Check your trip and fees again before make a payment.

- Fill in the passenger information completely for your own benefit.



  Choose Your Payment Method

- The customers can make a payment in several channels including, Credit Card (Visa/Master), JCB, Debit Card, Paypal or Alipay.

Reservation success!

- Have a good trip.


Tips. Don’t forget to print out the itinerary and save your reservation for your benefit.



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